Sunday, November 28, 2010

SWEA OC Julmarknard - Christmas Fair - Costa Mesa, CA

Well, we spent a wonderful afternoon today going to the annual SWEA organizations Christmas, or Jul as they say in Swedish,  festival.  The event was from 11-3PM and had all kinds of interesting things to see and browse.

For starters, they did have food, which consisted of meatballs and sauce, herring, and crispbread.  We bought a few of the meals and the kids seemed to like it quite a bit. They also had lingonberry sauce and lingonberry juice. The kids enjoyed that too.

There was a St Lucia pageant, where all the Swedish girls had white dresses and candles on their heads as it tradition of St Lucia coming to Sweden long, long ago, as tradition states.  There was also singing in Swedish and in English.

Then came the traditional dancing, which was interesting, but they had several music mishaps and it was hard to see since we were sitting in the back of the room. The room was quite full and many Swedes and others were enjoying the glögg, and julmust.

The last thing that happened was that Jultomten showed up with his bag of gifts for the children. The kids were all very excited and they each got a gift from Jultomten. Jultomten may have imbibed a little too much of the glögg, that is for sure. Anyway, all had fun, and we enjoyed ourselves very much.

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