Sunday, November 28, 2010

SWEA OC Julmarknard - Christmas Fair - Costa Mesa, CA

Well, we spent a wonderful afternoon today going to the annual SWEA organizations Christmas, or Jul as they say in Swedish,  festival.  The event was from 11-3PM and had all kinds of interesting things to see and browse.

Todays message from Mariner's Church

Heard a great message this morning from Mariners, Jeff Pries. Todays message focused on finding out what it is we rely on. Well we can rely on ourselves, we can rely on money, material possessions, etc.

When everything is going well, we feel safe, when we don't have it, we scratch and claw to try to get it back. Essentially, it is the battle for dependence, God or our stuff. Think about the quote from Mark 10:17-22.  It basically describes the wealthy man who comes to Jesus and asks what he must do. Jesus tells him to give away all of his things and wealth, and come follow him.  Of course the man is crestfallen, and does not carry through with the advice - he just cannot release his things and truly trust Jesus.

Last weeks message at Mariner's Church

Just wanted to share a quick message, about last weeks message at Mariners. Two things that really cam up:

1.  Wanting what you have.   Which means, wanting what God has poured out into your life.  If you think you will be happy by having something else, more money, more house, more material possessions, those people who are in those spots, will tell you, happiness is not here, it over there, and so on. So the bottom line is be happy where you are.