Sunday, November 28, 2010

Todays message from Mariner's Church

Heard a great message this morning from Mariners, Jeff Pries. Todays message focused on finding out what it is we rely on. Well we can rely on ourselves, we can rely on money, material possessions, etc.

When everything is going well, we feel safe, when we don't have it, we scratch and claw to try to get it back. Essentially, it is the battle for dependence, God or our stuff. Think about the quote from Mark 10:17-22.  It basically describes the wealthy man who comes to Jesus and asks what he must do. Jesus tells him to give away all of his things and wealth, and come follow him.  Of course the man is crestfallen, and does not carry through with the advice - he just cannot release his things and truly trust Jesus.

God seems to come into the picture (although he is always there), when we are dependent and desperate. Many times in my own journey, I have been there, and I can tell you, that is when you really sense him there in your life.

But the question comes back around, because why would you put your trust in a God that allows these things to happen in your life in the first place?  God doesn't seem very dependable when he let's us face a difficulty, or when God says no about something in your life, despite repeated attempts to have him "take it away" or heal you.

But then Jeff said, well what exactly does God promise. He promises grace - which is free, and power or strength to endure. Basically, that is it. Of course there is also mercy, and steadiness, and the fact that when you are at your lowest, you can depend upon him to be there.  God works through our weaknesses. That is really true, I can say with certainty. 

God promises to be there when we are weak, and provide us the strength and grace to carry on. That is his promise, plain and simple.  Check out John 10:27, 28

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