Monday, November 29, 2010

Wikileaks Next Target: "A Big US Bank"

Stay tuned.....big bank leak coming out.

Wikileaks Next Target: "A Big US Bank"

Retail Growth for Black Friday and Cyber Monday Christmas season 2010

Reports out from the news sources I follow are reporting a .3% increase versus the same time last year for Black Friday sales. This is not a large increase, but it is higher than last year. Part of the issue, is that retailers pulled in volume earlier this year by offering more deals starting in early November.  We shall wait and see

Sunday, November 28, 2010

SWEA OC Julmarknard - Christmas Fair - Costa Mesa, CA

Well, we spent a wonderful afternoon today going to the annual SWEA organizations Christmas, or Jul as they say in Swedish,  festival.  The event was from 11-3PM and had all kinds of interesting things to see and browse.

Todays message from Mariner's Church

Heard a great message this morning from Mariners, Jeff Pries. Todays message focused on finding out what it is we rely on. Well we can rely on ourselves, we can rely on money, material possessions, etc.

When everything is going well, we feel safe, when we don't have it, we scratch and claw to try to get it back. Essentially, it is the battle for dependence, God or our stuff. Think about the quote from Mark 10:17-22.  It basically describes the wealthy man who comes to Jesus and asks what he must do. Jesus tells him to give away all of his things and wealth, and come follow him.  Of course the man is crestfallen, and does not carry through with the advice - he just cannot release his things and truly trust Jesus.

Last weeks message at Mariner's Church

Just wanted to share a quick message, about last weeks message at Mariners. Two things that really cam up:

1.  Wanting what you have.   Which means, wanting what God has poured out into your life.  If you think you will be happy by having something else, more money, more house, more material possessions, those people who are in those spots, will tell you, happiness is not here, it over there, and so on. So the bottom line is be happy where you are.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Vinturi Essential Wine Aerator Review

I need to tell you about this product. It is amazing, it can take an ordinary bottle of wine and turn it into a very silky smooth beverage that you would think came from a more expensvie bottle of wine.

The process of using the Vinturi Essential Wine Aerator is simple - open the bottle of wine, let it breathe a second, then take the bottle and Vinturi, and pour it into the glass.

Then of course, enjoy the wine. You will definitely taste the difference. Try a glass without funneling through the Vinturi, and one with the funnel.

It is worth the price.

Thank you to my Wife

Sometimes, my wife reads my blog, sometimes not. In case she does, I would just like to say thank you for doing all that you do, and for really creating a wonderful family and home.

Thank you so much also for the wonderful holiday meal you created this Thanksgiving, it all turned out so wonderful!

Love your husband.

A fun craft for the kids - making a gingerbread house

I have a great idea for anyone with little kids. If you live in a state with Trader Joes, think about picking up a Gingerbread House. The cost is about $7, and is a great way to spend time putting it together.

The most complicated part is the is whipping up the egg white, which if you do by hand like I did, takes about 10 minutes.  The Gingerbread house is from German and has that precision quality feel.  The only thing I would add, is more candy: chocolate M&M's, gummy bears, etc.  Oh yeah, you also will need a way to spread the frosting. I used a ziplock baggy with a small hole cut in the corner to apply it to the edges.

Here is a picture showing the finished product and a link from Amazon if you cannot find it at Trader Joes:

Create-a-treat Gingerbread House Kit, Deluxe Model, (Decorative Outer Case As Seen in Picture)

I have also posted a link to the article on Article Dashboard:

Top 10 Christmas Gifts for 2010

The top 10 Christmas Gifts for this year:

1. The Amazon Kindle - the product is a great for reading on the go, and of course it has the best pricing on books and magazines.
Kindle 3G Wireless Reading Device, Free 3G + Wi-Fi, 3G Works Globally, 6" Display - with New E Ink (Pearl) Technology

2. The book series from Stieg Larsson, the author from Sweden, about an eccentric woman, and a book writer. You will be sucked into this story, it is a real page turner.
Stieg Larsson's Millennium Trilogy Bundle: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, The Girl Who Played with Fire, The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest

Rock Ballads - Strum and Sing

I want to tell all of the beginning to intermediate guitar players about a great book I came across for learning to strum and sing some very popular guitar songs.

My friend Mark brought the book over last week and we had a great time strumming and singing along to almost every song in the book. In fact we played some of them twice!

The reason the book is so good, in my opinion, is that it shows you the exact number of measures, indicated with a slashed line, that one needs to play for each line in the verse, chorus, bridge, intro and outro.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Sports Book Betting - Is It For Real?

Take a look at this website. Claims from a PhD in statistics, from an Ivy League college back East. I was certainly compelled to look into his system, and you should see the testimonials. I thought about trying it myself, just haven't had the time!

Decide for yourself.....

Link to the website:
Click Here!

Here is an article written about him:
John Morrison is perhaps the most admired and well-known sports betting persona of these days. As its proof, there is huge number of individuals who became fascinated with this type of sport; they even want to pursue and follow the kind of life he has. The technology today made things easier for them; now it is easy and simple to search for the information they need because they can obtain and access the information using the internet. In addition to that, any information about him is made easy to get for most individual.

If you think that your interest is captured by him, then it would be great carry out research about him right now. Aside from informative articles as well as forums in the internet, reading online reviews about particular topic like him is also a great chance to know him. The reviews are capable of providing clearer insights to who he really is; with it, you can also know if he is worthy of your time and efforts.

The Internet houses several reviews and you can find them easily; therefore, there will be no reason for you to search elsewhere. Searching through the internet is probably the most convenient and easy option for you to make as well as the other individuals interested with him. You have to keep in mind that he is a well-known champion and there are numerous John Morrison sports betting reviews available online that you can use at your disposal.

If you execute your search for the right reviews online, you will stumble upon a number of websites offer articles focusing on the John Morrison sports betting reviews. With so many websites as your choices, you can visit some, read some of the reviews and then confirm which of this will accomplish your needs.

Starting your online search as early as possible gives so many benefits. Hence, carry out your search now everything about him so that you can harness the benefits of knowing him as well as the chance to deeply know him more. By reading the relevant reviews, answers to your question will be met and you will learn more new things.

So what more are you still waiting for? Go online now and see just how beneficial things are actually for you when you research online about this topic other than elsewhere.

John Morrison sports betting reviews are all over the Internet, you can read them easily. Because there are so many websites offering reviews about him, you will get the chance to know him more.

Article Source:

Fun in Orange County California

If you are looking for a fun thing to do, and you are either visiting or live in the Orange County area, please consider renting a boat in Newport Beach. For a very reasonable price, you and your loved ones, be it girlfriend, wife, and or children, can rent either a gas or electric boat.

We rented a gas powered boat, which had a maximum speed of about 5 knots, and 6 passengers. We were able to get the boat at 4:00PM and cruised around the harbor for about 1 hour. The cost was reasonable because it was a groupon and only cost about $25.00 dollars.

The $25.00 was totally worth it, because we saw an amazing California sunset, and spent a romantic evening on the water.

Highly recommended that you try this out.

Turkey Soup Recipe

Try this recipe with your left over turkey:

Serving Size:
4 Bowls


•2 tablespoons olive oil
•1 onion sliced
•4 cloves garlic smashed and diced
•2 carrots, peeled and sliced into half moons
•2 celery stalks washed and sliced
•1/4 cup celery leaves, diced
•1 quart stock, vegetable, turkey, or chicken
•2 cups dried egg noodles or 1 cup of brown rice
•2 cups shredded turkey
•4 tablespoons apple cider vinegar
•1/4 cup minced herbs, such as parsley or sage
•salt and pepper to taste

How to make:
In a large stock pot, heat the oil over medium heat. Add the onions, garlic, carrots, and celery, and saute until the onions are soft, roughly 7 minutes. Add the stock and bring everything to a boil, and then turn down to a simmer. Add the turkey and egg noodles, and cook until the noodles are tender, 15-20 minutes. Check the salt and pepper levels, add the apple cider vinegar, celery leaves, and herbs. Serve with a garnish of herbs or celery leaves.


What to do with left over Thanksgiving Turkey

What can one do with left over turkey?

1. Make Turkey sandwiches - add sliced turkey, cheese, bread or rolls and your favorite condiments.

2. Make Turkey Casserole - be creative, use the leftover green beans, and add other ingredients as necessary.

3. Make Turkey Salad - like chicken salad, this is a great way to left over turkey.

4. Make a Turkey Pot Pie - get some pillsbury crust, and add the turkey and other ingredients.

5. Make turkey soup - get some broth, add turkey, and other left over ingredients. Use the bones for even more flavor.

6. Make a sandwich called the "Pilgrim", take bread, stuffing, cranberry sauce, turkey, and gravy. Heat and serve. Delicious!

I am sure there are other creative ways to use Thanksgiving Turkey - what are your favorites?