Monday, November 29, 2010

Retail Growth for Black Friday and Cyber Monday Christmas season 2010

Reports out from the news sources I follow are reporting a .3% increase versus the same time last year for Black Friday sales. This is not a large increase, but it is higher than last year. Part of the issue, is that retailers pulled in volume earlier this year by offering more deals starting in early November.  We shall wait and see
about the year over year change. My prediction is that it walk in retail will be flat based on my experience being out in the thick of it this year. (Went to Barnes and Noble, and also Guitar Center).  Both had fairly light traffic.

However, the real action is probably in cyber shopping, as Amazon reported a 25% increase in traffic, year over year.  Let's keep an eye on that one, as I predict a greater percentage increase in online volume over last year.  I think it will be less than 5% more though, although I am allowing myself one more chance at making a prediction as the week plays out.

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