Sunday, August 28, 2011

What is the scientific method?

I have 3 children and we have to do elementary school scientific projects each year. Each and every year, we struggle to find appropriate science projects that we can do. Two things: what is the scientific method?

Here is a definition:
A systematic approach to solving a problem by discovering knowledge, investigating a phenomenon, verifying and integrating previous knowledge. It follows a series of steps that evaluates the veracity or the feasibility of a prediction through research and experimentation from where the information obtained will be used as a basis in making conclusions.

The fundamental steps of scientific method are:
(1) Identifying the problem to solve
(2) Formulating a tentative answer or hypothesis
(3) Testing the hypothesis
(4) Gathering and analyzing data
(5) Making conclusions

Finding Science Experiements:
Here are a few sites that you can use to quickly find great science experiments, if you are parent and need something to help kickstart your program:

Science Experiments Link 1

Scientific Experiments Link 2

Scientific Experiments Link 3

Scientific Experiments Link 4

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