Monday, August 29, 2011

How to create an Apple App

I have been searching for a tool to help create 'free' apps for the Apple Iphone, Ipad, & Ipod.  You will have to buy a tool to do this - and there are many good sites you can find that describe the process.  Basically there are two ways to go - brainstorm your idea, then start to learn the system.
Here’s how our process basically works:
  1. You come up with an idea for your app
  2. You write that idea down, then make a rough sketch of how it will work and how it will look
  3. Hand it off to a low-cost App Developer Team who will create the app for you
  4. Submit your app to Apple who will review it and then post it to the App Store
  5. After approval - you would then be eligible for people to download it
You will not have to spend anything on a development kit from Apple, however you will need to spend $99 to upload it to the Apple Store, and you will also need a way to test it. I think they recommend having a Mac, otherwise testing will be difficult.

Another way is to try a few tools like this -

App Dev Toolkit

App Toolkit for non programmers

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